Choosing the right wine, the right distributor, the right market and the right approach.

DRW offers consulting services to producers, distributors and retailers throughout the wine industry. We have a history of promoting brand health, sales growth and margins for many of the great names of Australian and world wine. We maintain a strong focus on developing the healthy hospitality and service cultures that make the sales process easy.

Knowing how to educate and sell has made David Ridge a fixture in the Australian wine business. With over three decades of experience in hospitality, David has dealt with a broad number of scenarios, and across many fields and industries – from retail, hotels, restaurants and distribution to winery, wine industry bodies, importing, wine judging, education and writing.

David’s counsel might just help a producer understand their own proposition better, and how and where best to take it to market. He emphasises consistent and ethical behaviours, the value of good people, providing a clear vision, discerning fads from trends, whilst keeping in mind the vital focus on running a sound and profitable business.

He’s written hundreds of wine lists, conducted a thousand tastings, tasted tens of thousands of wines for import and export, and for numerous industry-recognised publications, tutored would-be show judges, advised or represented a galaxy of Australia’s and the world’s great wine names. He chooses as testimony the words of a large, old (and very successful) Barossa winemaker, who said: “Ridgey might be one of those sniffers and spitters, but at least he can sell wine.”

DRW helped the following

Primo Estate

La Prova Wines

Ashton Hills Vineyard

Longview Vineyard


Alkina Wines

Our services

We offer a range of consulting services which include:

  • Conduct a full analysis of producers’ wines and proposition
  • Identify appropriate routes to market and alternative channels
  • Provide distribution methods in preparation to approach and engage a distributor
  • Plan sales and marketing strategy
  • Evaluate wine range, qualities and intrinsic values
  • Train staff in wine service and sales
  • Direction, structure and style wine offerings and lists
  • Write detailed tasting notes and sales propositions